GOP: No 2020 platform, will just support Trump agenda instead

The Republican National Convention is set to get underway Monday evening. Much like the Democrats’ last week, the GOP’s convention will be held virtually as well.

Those set to speak at this week’s convention are essentially a collection of frequent Fox News guests and members of President Trump’s family. His followers will come together to spread the message of Trump as they nominate their leader as the party’s presidential nominee.

In addition to nominating a candidate to run for president, the other major reason for national party conventions is to decide upon the party’s platform. Generally, parties will figure out and decide on what they believe, where they stand on particular issues and topics. It helps give voters and supporters an idea as to where a party stands and what ideas they intend to implement if elected.

Well, that was before the GOP became the Party of Trump. The Republican National Convention has announced that they simply will not have a new platform for 2020. Instead, the party will “enthusiastically” support the agenda of their beloved Donald Trump. Of course, his agenda will be decided upon at a later date and time.

The Republican Party has literally become the party of Trump. Instead of trying to articulate and advocate for specific issues and positions, they will just go along with whatever the Orange One says or tweets.

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