David Hogg posts poll question; it doesn’t go well

Social media sites can and usually are tough and cruel places normally filled with unbridled, hate-filled opinions, psychotic rantings and unhinged musings in support of the latest far-right conspiracy theory. Oh, and also pictures and videos of cats doing, well, cat things.

Nevertheless, people and companies still seem to not understand the lay of the land when it comes to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Knowing and understanding your audience is of immense importance in order to succeed in, well, nearly anything. But time and time again, celebrities and businesses show they aren’t the best when it comes to navigating the world of social media.

For instance, former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student and leftist, anti-gun advocate David Hogg recently went to social media to get its opinion. Hogg, who seems to consider his opinion on topics and issues of worth, asked people whether they wanted to see a video of him every day talking about topics from now until the election.

And as you’d guess, social media doesn’t put the same value on his opinion as he clearly does.

If he really thought posting something like this would end well and not in public embarrassment then he’s dumber than previously thought.

It also appears that Hogg has deleted the poll with its lopsided results as it can no longer be found on his page.

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