Steve Bannon arrested, indicted for fraud; pleads not guilty

President Donald Trump only hires the best, most qualified people for his administration, that’s exactly what Trump told us at the outset of his term in office.

Well, as has been the pattern since his time in office, those “best people” are great right up until they resign from his administration and then Trump has a completely different take on them. Then it’s, according to Trump, they were dumb, stupid, not very well liked, didn’t know what they were doing and so on and so forth.

On Thursday, one of Trump’s best people was arrested after being indicted for fraud after supposedly funneling money from a fund to build the wall. Yes, Steve Bannon, a former White House special adviser to President Trump, was taken into custody on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, Bannon, the former chairman of the far right website Breitbart, pleaded not guilty.

Bannon is just the latest in a long string of people connected to the Trump administration that has either been charged, arrested or actually serving time.

If Bannon and the rest of his ilk are some of “the best people” Trump knows, I’d sure hate to see the other people Trump knows of.

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