Former GOP congressman on support of Biden: This is about right and wrong

The Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump. What was once the party of Lincoln is now the party of the man, prior to his run for office, who was best known for being a reality TV host and telling people they’re fired.

Conspiracy theories, incessantly shouting “Fake News” about anything that challenges his and his supporters views, millions of COVID-19 cases and thousands of deaths related to the virus, Trump is the Republican Party of 2020.

Long gone are the days of Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan in the GOP. In today’s version of the Republican Party, the only accepted and tolerated views are that of Trump and those disseminated by One American News Network and Fox News (When Trump says it’s OK).

With the GOP in such a state, it’s no wonder that a number of Republicans have come out in support of Trump’s 2020 opponent: Joe Biden.

Former Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent, while talking with CNN’s Tapper voiced his reasoning for supporting the former vice president.

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