Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik in ad: ‘Democrats don’t want you to see this’

Politicians and political parties cause divisions. With their words, images and slogans, politicians are constantly trying to draw distinctions between groups of people. For this reason, it’s why politics is such a hot-button issue and generally leads to disagreements and arguments.

Discussing politics, especially in terms of race, is really a sensitive topic and can cause tempers to flair. It’s no secret that the Black community votes overwhelmingly Democratic, that’s simply a fact. I believe that something like 95-96% of all Black voters cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton in 2016. And while, President Trump likes to brag about his “yuge support” among the African American community, I assume that’ll be the cause in November 2020.

However, despite those facts, Kimberly Klacik, who is running for Congress in a district that includes the city of Baltimore, is taking a new approach. She is trying to challenge the status quo of the Black community’s overwhelming support of the Democratic Party in her latest ad.

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