Trump campaign adviser Jenna Ellis called out by Marge Simpson

Last week, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden selected California Senator Kamala Harris.

As expected, Republicans and Trump supporters threw out the usual attacks as they called her super liberal, questioned her race and heritage and then questioned whether she was even eligible to be vice presidential at all.

But with all the attacks, likely the dumbest came from a member of Trump’s own campaign (who would’ve guessed, right?).

So, what did constitutional lawyer, Trump spokesperson and campaign adviser Jenna Ellis hit Harris on? Was it her record on criminal justice? What about her performance in the Democratic primary? What about Tulsi Gabbard essentially ending her campaign on the debate stage in front of a national audience?

No, it wasn’t any of those. Instead, Trump’s attorney hit Harris for…her voice. Yes, Ellis said Harris sounds like Marge Simpson.

Real highbrow stuff right there. But then again, that’s the kind of thing that plays well with Trump’s supporters. Well, Marge responded to Ellis’ comment.

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