VP Pence dings Kamala Harris over….red meat

Both parties give their parties red meat in order to evoke emotional responses to gin up their base. Today, for a group of Republicans to go crazy, you don’t even need to say entire sentences. Simply say “Fake News,” “the media,” “CNN” and any number of well thought-out, high brow ideas that get the crowd screaming.

Recently, while speaking in front of a crowd of supporters, Vice President Pence hit Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris over red meat. Yes, the VP literally gave supporters red meat.

Pence told supporters that Harris wants to reduce the amount of red meat people eat. Of course, Trump 2020 supporters, much like red meat, they ate it up. The crowd responded with audible boos.

In response, Pence emphatically responded that he and Trump will not let the Democrats change away Americans eat. Thank God!

If you’re running for office and you’re literally talking about red meat, that may be a sign it’s time to cut your speech short and just get off the stage. For all the issues and problems facing America, this is what the vice president of the United States is talking about?

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