Tweets from Herman Cain’s account slamming Biden trigger liberals

Herman Cain passed away a few weeks ago due to COVID, but his family has decided to keep his Twitter account active.

While they’re in the process of re-branding to “The Cain Gang”, the account is still being used for political purposes, making anyone unfamiliar with the family’s announcement about keeping it active think Herman Cain is tweeting from the grave.

Cain’s daughter, Melanie Cain Gallo posted this on the official web site shortly after his death:

As much as we enjoy bringing you information about the news of the day, these are the things that really drove my dad, and he would have wanted this platform to continue giving people reasons to feel that hope as we continue to tell you what you need to know about what’s going on in the country.

So we will continue. We’ve decided here at Cain HQ that we will go on using this platform to share the information and ideas he believed in. He often talked about the site going on once he was ready to step away from it. We had hoped he could enjoy reading it in his retirement, but he made it clear he wanted it to go on.

Following the announcement of Joe Biden’s running mate, tweets hitting Democrats over their choice started triggering those on the left.

“So, let me get this straight. You think the Biden candidacy is going to be nuts and you’re saying this FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE SINCE YOU DIED TWO WEEKS AGO,” one blue check mark account tweeted.

“Dead and tweeting Herman Cain is the most unexpected twist of 2020 and a lot of shit has gone down,” read another.

Others are trying to get the verification removed from Herman Cain’s account.

Others think President Trump murdered him.

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