Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro says ‘something is going to happen’ to Joe Biden before election

If you’re into conspiracy theories and hearing claims that have no basis then Judge Jeanine Pirro is your kind of person. Although, I believe tinfoil hats are required for viewing.

If you’re so inclined, she has her own show on Fox News (on the weekend, I believe) where she screams her thoughts and theories at the camera until she’s literally red in the face. She makes sure to save plenty of time to tell her viewers just how wonderful and divine President Trump is, too.

But yesterday, while on Fox News’ The Five, Pirro made a claim that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won’t be on the ticket in November. She said she believes “something will happen” to Joe Biden prior to November.

Instead of citing evidence or providing any kind of information for her statement, Pirro said she “just has a feeling.”

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