CNN contributor posts cringeworthy status, photo after Biden’s selection of Harris

Yesterday, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally, after months of speculation, announced his running mate: California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Your preferred choice of 2020 presidential candidate determined your reaction to Biden’s choice of Harris. If you’re a President Trump supporter then Harris was an awful choice. She’s nothing more than a far left liberal progressive socialist coming to take your freedom of speech, your guns and wants to burn your firstborn child at the state, according to Trump supporters and those on the right.

But if you’re a Democrat and a Biden supporter, well then the choice of Harris was nothing short of historical. It was magical, she was the absolute perfect pick. Our lives will never be the same simply because Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be the vice presidential candidate.

Simply put, those on the right and the left reacted exactly as expected. They played their roles perfectly, predictably and didn’t surprise. While reactions, from both sides of the aisle, were over the top ridiculous, none were as cringeworthy as CNN contributor Ana Navarro-Cardenas.

Navarro-Cardenas has been an extremely vocal Trump critic, opposing nearly everything Trump and/or his administration would do. So as predicted, she was thrilled with the choice of Harris and posted a rather awkward photo and status to show her approval of Biden’s selection.

This is just weird. Whether you’re a Biden supporter, Trump supporter or a weirdo and are actually supportive of Kanye West, this is still just strange.

As bad as the Trump cult is and it’s bad, this is bordering on cultish behavior. To think that everything in life is going to be OK just because one person assumes a position in government is insane.

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