OK? Jamie Lee Curtis shares photo of USPS truck being towed, connects it to conspiracy theory

Bring out the tinfoil hats. You know, that’s what’s commonly said to people who believe conspiracy theories. And it doesn’t matter, right or left, both sides have these unfounded beliefs that someone or something is out to get them.

Thanks to inventions like social media and people sharing absolutely anything on the internet with a url connected to it, conspiracy theories have really taken off in the last couple of years or so. Simply because something is on the internet and shared by a large amount of people doesn’t make it true.

One look at a story’s url is usually a good way to determine whether something is true or not. For instance, if a story comes from TrumpLovesUSA247365.com, HillaryLovesRussia123456.net or something, it’s probably not the most reputable. However, it generally doesn’t matter because most people are only looking for stories that confirm what they already believe and don’t really care if it’s real or not. Confirmation bias is alive and real.

It appears the actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a believer in conspiracy theories as she recently tweeted out a photo of a United States Postal Service vehicle being towed and somehow connected it to mail-in ballots and the stealing of the 2020 election.

Someone should probably let her know that vehicles, even those owned by the United States government, are towed every single day. To connect the towing of a vehicle in August to an election in November is insane.

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