Completely unaware: CNN guest says no media companies on left dedicated to tearing down Trump

CNN does not like President Trump, those in his administration or really any policy proposals that he’s put forward, and that’s just talking about their supposedly non-biased anchors and reporters.

Additionally, their opinion/news journalists, such as Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and Brian Stelter really don’t care for Trump and they aren’t shy about letting us know about it. Lemon especially seems to strongly dislike Trump with Stelter coming in at not-too distant second place.

Now add in the fact that CNN went all in on the Trump-Russian collusion story as they dissected the issue in every way imaginable and some that weren’t and CNN is essentially a media organization hellbent on stopping Trump. While they wouldn’t even admit to such a stance, as they say, actions speak louder than words and they’ve made their position quite clear with theirs.

But even worse than having an obvious position/outlook and pretending to play things down the middle is being so blind to your hypocrisy its funny. But sadly or funny, depending on how you look at it, CNN demonstrated that they are completely and totally blind, unable to look at themselves with even anything remotely resembling objectivity.

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