Alyssa Milano films video brushing hair to show side effects of COVID

COVID expert and Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano posted a weird video to her Twitter page talking about the importance of wearing a mask and the effects of the virus on the body.

Milano, who looks like she’s just gotten out of the shower, brushes her wet hair with “her favorite detangling brush.”

“Thought I’d show you what #Covid19 does to your hair,” Milano writes in the caption. “Please take this seriously. #WearADamnMask #LongHauler.”

“Hi, everybody, um, I just wanted to show you the amount of hair that is coming out of my head as a result of COVID,” she says at the beginning of the video, continuing to brush her hair.

“One brushing. This is my hair loss from COVID-19,” she says holding up a wad of hair.

On Saturday, the actress said she was hospitalized for COVID in April.

Some medical professionals are saying hair loss can be caused by stress related to COVID.

But other factors could be at play here – hormonal changes, diet, medical conditions and heredity can also cause hair loss according to the Mayo Clinic.

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