President Trump claims Joe Biden will ‘hurt the Bible, hurt God’

We’re less than three months until the presidential election. So, in approximately 90 days, voters will be making their voices heard either at their polling locations on or before election day or sending their ballots through the mail.

Now, with the election getting this close, campaigns, candidates, parties and PACs will starting rolling out negative ads. Voters say they absolutely hate and despise negative ads, claiming they do nothing but add to most peoples’ already negative view of politics and politicians.

But that’s not true at all. If negative campaign and negative ads didn’t work, we wouldn’t see them trotted out for every election cycle. The fact is that negative campaigning moves the needle and how do we know this? Because campaigns have limited resources and ads are expensive. Campaigns wouldn’t keep just throwing money at something if if didn’t help their candidate but slinging mud at the other guy.

And everyone, every candidate and every party uses negative campaigning and fear to motivate people to vote for them.

For Republicans, they always say vote for us because the Democrats will take away your guns, your freedom of speech, raise your taxes so much that you won’t afford to live and breathe and that if Democrats had their way, every child three years old and younger would be sentenced to death merely for existing.

When it comes to election time, Democrats always try and scare people into voting for them by claiming Republicans want to make grandma homeless and sick by taking away her Medicare and Social Security, want to burn all of the gays, lesbians and transgenders at the stake and seek to make America an openly racist country where the Klu Klux Klan can thrive openly.

On Thursday while in Ohio, President Trump used implemented some negative campaign and some of those fear tactics when talking about Democrat Joe Biden. Biden, Trump claims, will “the Bible” and “hurt God” if elected.

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