Trump sits down with Axios reporter; it doesn’t go well

You really have to wonder what President Trump’s communication people are thinking when they allow him to sit down for one-on-one interviews, especially when it’s for anyone other than Fox News, OANN or some other conservative friendly outlet. There is usually very little to gain from them, a lot to lose and he normally ends up looking pretty bad.

For instance, President Trump recently sat down with Johnathan Swan from Axios and things didn’t go well.

On the issue of the pandemic, Swan challenges Trump’s ascertain that things really aren’t that bad in the United States.

While fumbling with several pieces of paper, Trump tells him that he can’t take the number of deaths as proportion of the population in the country. Swan simply responds by asking why?

And it only gets worse from there as Swan asks Trump about John Lewis, his legacy and how he believes history will view the recently deceased Georgia lawmaker. Trump responds by saying Lewis didn’t come to my inauguration, or my State of the Union speeches.

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