OK? Trump threatens to sue Nevada for passing mail-in voting measure

President Donald Trump really does not want people to be able to vote by mail. He’s tweeted about voting by mail constantly in the last few months, saying that it’s nothing more than an attempt to steal the election from him.

Trump, who admitted to voting by mail this year, said that 2020 will be “the most rigged election in history” last week.

Trump, who never provides evidence, for his claims of election rigging, suggested delaying the election. Obviously, the President of the United States is unaware but he doesn’t have the ability or authority to do that and only Congress can delay an election.

While it only took nearly four years to muster the courage, Republicans in Congress finally stood up and said how wrong Trump was on something.

Sens. Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Ted Cruz and John Thune were just a number of the Republicans that told the Orange One to pump the brakes, saying that November’s election would go on as planned.

Now, apparently after someone told him that he can’t legally delay the election, Trump is taking a different route to keep people from voting. On Twitter Monday, Trump actually threatened to take the state of Nevada to court for passing a mail-in voting measure Sunday evening.

While President Trump believes that mail-in voting is of the Devil, many, many members of his administration have taken advantage of sending their vote through the USPS.

Vice President Pence, Jared and Ivanka, Kayleigh McEnany, Bill Barr, Wilbur Ross, Betsy DeVos, Larry Kudlow and President Trump himself have all voted by mail.

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