Former NFL coach Tony Dungy supports Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac: ‘I say amen!’

Professional sports are back finally. The National Basketball Association is down in central Florida as is the WNBA. Despite a number of outbreaks of coronavirus lately, Major League Baseball appears that it’s going to continue its season…at least for now.

However, as much as COVID-19 has affected our lives, our entertainment and our favorite sporting events, the nationwide protests about police brutality are also playing a big role in the sporting world.

Since a number of the professional sports leagues have restarted their suspended seasons, several players, coaches and staff members have taken a knee during the national anthem. This has been especially true for the NBA, nearly ever single player and coach have taken a knee. Well, except for a couple players here and there. The first, though, appeared to be Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Issac.

As much hate as Isaac is sure to get over his stance, he seems to have one very prominent supporter: former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

The Super Bowl-winning coach tweeted out a message of support for Isaac. Dungy makes the very logical point that if we’re going to support those exercising their first amendments rights when kneeling than we ought to do the same thing for those who decide not to take a knee.

Hard to argue with this line of thinking.

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