VIDEO: MSNBC anchor asks Trump-supporting Georgia Dem if he’s paid by campaign

Mostly due to the images and narratives we see and hear nearly every single day, if you check a particular set of boxes, you almost assuredly support Candidate A or Candidate B. You have to, right?

And whether people want to admit it or not, we all know what some of those determining factors in trying to place someone in certain party are: age, income level, educational attainment, gender and race. Oh and oddly enough, political party.

For example, if you have a higher amount of income than the average American, you’re likely to support the Republican candidate. Likewise, if you have a higher level of education, then the Democratic Party is likely where your political affiliations remain. Also, if you’re a single woman, the safe bet is that you’re a Democrat while married women are more than likely Republicans. When it comes to race, members of the Black community and other minorities vote heavily Democratic. Many, many polls throughout the years have found these statements to be true.

However, problems can arise whenever these narratives, in particular cases, are broken or don’t work. For example, Georgia State Rep. Craig Melvin, a Democrat, has come out and voiced his support for President Trump’s re-election bid.

Melvin was recently on MSNBC to talk about his support of Trump despite being an elected Democrat and let’s face it, because he’s black. During the interview, Melvin’s asked why he supports Trump and says it simply because of his policies. Seemingly confounded by his support of Trump, the MSNBC anchor actually asks Melvin if he’s being paid by the campaign.

It’s a truly stunning question, mainly because it seems to imply that because Melvin is Black he couldn’t and wouldn’t be as vocal about his support of Trump unless he was being paid.

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