Orlando Magic player Johnathan Isaac explains why he doesn’t kneel, wear BLM shirt

Despite the resurgence of the coronavirus in dozens of states across the country, professional sports has made a return. While the continuation of Major League Baseball’s current season is in question after both the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals experience an outbreak, the National Basketball Association’s regular season returned this week.

As far as we know, the NBA has yet to experience any cases since players, coaches and staff entered the bubble in Orlando, Florida.

Now, while basketball is back after a five-month hiatus, it comes with a healthy dose of politics. On Thursday, players returned to the hardwood in central Florida playing in front of empty stadiums on Disney’s Wide World of Sports campus. In the first few days since the league returned, it’s not exactly been the play on the court that has gotten the most attention.

Instead, the pregame activities of players and coaches has been the most talked about aspect as teams and coaches league-wide have taken a knee during the national anthem while wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts. Well, everyone except Orlando Magic player Johnathan Isaac.

Prior to Friday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets Isaac could be seen standing on the sidelines and not wearing the same attire that everyone of his teammates.

In the video below, Issac explains why he decided to go against the crowd.

Is Isaac sure to get massive backlash for his decision and most importantly his reasoning for not following the crowd? Sure he is.

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