Tucker Carlson grills Rep. Jim Jordan over big tech, accepting money from Google

On Wednesday, the heads of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google spoke before Congress.

Now, Republicans are upset with big tech, claiming that they have too much power and that they silence the voices of conservatives on their platforms. With only months until the November election, Republicans are now massively interested in the activities of those private companies.

On Wednesday evening, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. The hearing only hours before Jordan’s appearance on the show was the topic of conversation.

Carlson mentioned that it’s difficult to trust big tech, claiming they have way too much power and influence and then asked Jordan for a solution to the problem.

Jordan’s answer: elect more Republicans.

When Carlson asked him the same question, Jordan provided the same answer, stating that it’s important that Republicans are in control because they are going to, for sure, this time get something done on the issue.

Carlson then asked Jordan about accepting millions of dollars from Google, his second highest donor. Jordan, not wanting to talk much about that, simply says their First Amendment Right.

Private companies seem to have the right to donate money to any candidate of their choosing but not to run themselves as they see fit?

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