Trump campaign nervous? Trump says 2020 ‘will be most rigged election in history’

President Donald Trump is up for re-election in November, surprisingly that’s a little more than 90 days away.

In the race for the White House, Trump will be facing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and whatever third party candidates decide to get in the race (Kanye West, perhaps?).

And Trump, like everyone else running for office, wants to win, But even more than that Trump needs to win. The man has built his entire presidential campaign and well, in fact, his life around this idea of “winners” and “losers.” His adamant followers will often comment how much we’re “winning” now that Trump is in office.

However, according to a number of polls, winning may not be in Donald’s near future. But we all know how Trump’s base feels about polls that don’t favor President Trump or really anything that could be seen as not 100% positive toward Trump: Fake News!!.

Nevertheless, it appears that Trump is already baking in excuses for his loss. On Thursday, on his Twitter page, the President of the United States actually suggested that the November election be postponed.

Of course, Trump, being the president doesn’t have the authority to delay the election. Only Congress can do such a thing. But then at his press conference on Thursday, Trump told reporters that he doesn’t want anything delayed but instead wants the election to go on as planned. But then he said, well of course things will be rigged, the most rigged election in our nation’s history.

Well, add Trump’s suggestion that the 2020 election be delayed, that it will be “the most rigged election” in history to news that Trump’s campaign is actually stopped a new ad buy in Michigan (a state he won in 2016) and it doesn’t paint the picture of a real confident candidate or campaign.

Can Trump and his campaign turn things around prior to November? Sure, but it looks like Trump and his campaign are reading the polls and getting awfully nervous.

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