Seriously? Donald Trump Jr. has a problem with Barbie

Donald Trump Jr., fresh off of having his Twitter account suspended for spreading misinformation about COVID-19, is back at it again. Instead of sound medicine, this time President Trump’s eldest son has a problem with Barbie.

Yes, Donald Trump Jr. is now picking fights with a doll.

He believes the inanimate object has a political preference and as you likely guessed, Jr. believes Barbie is a dirty, dirty Democrat.

Thank God for Jr. and his father, Barbie isn’t a real person and will not be casting a vote in November or in any election, ever.

Of course, this is right in line with what President Trump has and does do in trying to create these culture wars where everyone and everything is liberal and out to get Donald Trump Jr. and his father.

I can’t wait for his next tweet when Donald Trump Jr. finally unveils the political affiliations of both Elmo and Kermit.

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