Dem prosecutor charging St. Louis gun couple

The couple who made national news when defending their St. Louis home are now being charged. Mark and Patricia McCloskey have been hit with a fourth-degree misdemeanor assault charge by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who is a Democrat.

“Mark and Patricia McCloskey each are facing a single felony count of unlawful use of a weapon — exhibiting,” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. “Charging documents say he pointed an AR-15 rifle at protesters and she wielded a semiautomatic handgun, placing those protesters in fear of injury.”

Gardner added that it’s illegal to brandish weapons in a “threatening manner” during a peaceful protest.

McCloskey has said that a horde of people smashed through the front gates of his house.

“Horde, an absolute horde came through the smashed-down gates, coming right at the house,” Mark McCloskey said. “And then I stood out there, the only thing we said is, ‘This is private property, go back, private property, leave now.’ At that point, everybody got enraged, there were people wearing body armor.”

“One person pulled out [some] loaded pistol magazines and he clicked them together and he said, ‘You’re next,’” McCloskey continued. “We were threatened with our lives, threatened with the house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. It was about as bad as it can get. You know, I really thought it was the storming of Bastille, that we would be dead and the house would be burned and there was nothing we could do about it. It was a huge and frightening crowd and they broke in the gate and they were coming at us.”

It’s unclear whether the charges will stand.

Missouri’s Attorney General, who is a Republican, has filed to dismiss the charges.

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