Former ESPN personality: Voting for Trump? You’re a racist

The words “racist” and “racism” are thrown around by everyone for nearly every little infraction or disagreement.

Don’t agree with me on an issue? Don’t see things exactly how I perceive them? Have a different opinion on something? Well, it’s because you’re clearly a racist.

Yes, calling someone a racist or invoking racism is the intellectually lazy way or trying to win an argument. For the most part, when someone calls someone else a racist, it’s nothing more than a way to shut down any and all debate.

Are there some truly racist people in this world? Yeah, sure there are but not every third person secretly holds anti-Semitic, white or Black views and/or feelings. Well, at least I hope not.

Former ESPN contributor and current Atlantic writer Jemele Hill seems to believe that nearly half of the country secretly harbor racism feelings and/or views.

Hill, on Twitter, slandered every Trump supporter. She actually said that every supporter of Trump is a racist.

You may remember that several years ago, Hill got in some hot water when she called Trump a white supremacist.

Needless to say, I don’t think she’s a big fan of Donald Trump. But between her recent tweet about racist Trump supporters and labeling Trump a white a supremacist, it seems that she may have just caused issues with her family.

This kind of stupidity is nothing new from Hill. But again, you’d think, at some point, they’d come up with something more and new than just simply racist.

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