John Kasich to speak at virtual DNC convention in support of Biden

Every four years, both the Republicans and the Democrats hold national conventions. These highly-choreographed dog and pony shows always happen just months before November’s presidential election.

Basically, both conventions are nothing more than three or four days filled with a lot of ego stroking as each party trots out party power players. The speeches are generally boring, cliche and filled with nothing more than red meat for the party faithful. These made-for-TV spectacles always end with the party’s nominee accepting the nomination as her or her speech ends with yet another cliche, balloons falling to the floor and the families of the presidential nominee and vice presidential nominee awkwardly waving to the crowd.

While this year may may throw a wrench into things as the Democrats go online and the Republicans, having moved their convention from North Carolina to COVID-19 ravaged Florida, things will likely play out very similar to years past.

The only real surprise with these generally boring affairs are what people will cross party lines and speak at the other party’s convention.Well, it now appears that we know at least one person who will be crossing party lines and speaking at the DNC: Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

This shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise as Kasich has consistently been one of President Trump’s most vocal critics throughout his presidency.

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