What? RNC to limit convention attendance due to virus while still pushing schools to reopen

Things are totally under control. They are OK. When it comes to the coronavirus, if you hear otherwise it is simply nothing but FAKE NEWS!

That’s the message the Trump administration and the Republican National Committee have been pushing for sometime now.

Things are so, so good that teachers and students should return to school at 100% capacity in the fall. In fact, there is so little to worry about when it comes to teachers and students returning to the classroom, that the administration is threatening those that don’t go back. President Trump and the head of the Department of Education, Betsy Devos have said they’ll withhold funds from schools that don’t follow their orders.

Oh and by the way, the Republican National Committee is now limiting the number of people at events during the upcoming convention in Florida.

Can you guess why?

This comes as the RNC continues to push for students and teachers to return to the classroom.

No hypocrisy here. Absolutely none!

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