Chris Cuomo on Trump Goya photo: They’re selling beans during a pandemic

Last week, during an appearance with President Trump in the Rose Garden, the CEO of Goya praised Trump. After his remarks, social media reacted with a movement to “cancel” Goya, a hashtag emerged encouraging people to boycott the company.

In response to the outcry, President Trump posted a photo of himself in the Oval Office with several Goya products on the Resolute Desk as he gives the thumbs up on Instagram.

Trump’s favorite child and White House adviser, Ivanka, did something similar, as he posted a photo of her holding a can of Goya beans. The problem with the photos is that government problem can’t, or at least, aren’t supposed to use their position to endorse products or companies. And a photo of a companies products with the President of the United States is a big, big endorsement and would easily goose sales.

On Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo wasn’t real thrilled with the photos of Trump endorsing the company and their products. Cuomo let loose in a rant in which he asked how can a president, during a pandemic, actually have time for such things. He also threw in a few choice words.

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