One America News Network CEO: No air time for Dr. Fauci

One America News Network, better known as OANN, is small conservative news outlet.

The outlet is routinely championed by President Donald Trump, basically due to their more than favorable coverage of 45. Whenever Trump sees a poll on Fox News he doesn’t like or a story that isn’t 100% favorable to him, he’ll trash Fox and talk about the greatness of OANN.

Despite, what President Trump may think, a news organization is supposed to give both sides of an issue and that may mean things that you may not always agree with. And as a news organization, that means covering big stories that affect the lives of many people and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic would certainly qualify.

But, according to OANN’s CEO, the news organization’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic will not include leading infectious disease expert and White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Fauci.

Robert Herring says the editorial decision is because Fauci’s past “information has not been reliable.” Has Fauci changed his mind during the pandemic? Yeah, but let’s remember that this is a novel virus, meaning that it’s new and the experts are learning more about it every day.

As much as Herring may believe that Fauci has been unreliable, I don’t think he ever called it a Democratic hoax, said we only had 15 cases and then in a few days it would disappear in a few days and that the virus couldn’t survive in the heat and would be gone by April. Oh and I don’t think Fauci ever suggested injecting bleach.

Despite all of those stupid and wrong suggestions, I’m willing to bet that Herring and OANN continue to provide Trump with more than favorable coverage.

Herring can order his people to cover whatever he wants but if you’re not going to include Dr. Fauci in your coronavirus coverage, you’re not a news organization, you’re a propaganda outlet.

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