Nick Cannon: White people are ‘a little less,’ closer to animals,’ and ‘true savages’

Racism is a horrible, horrible thing that is still alive and well in our world. It’s built upon a foundation of ignorance and hatred. Unfortunately, racism is something that will exist as long as man walks upon the earth.

However, while there are still and will be ignorant and hate-filled people of all shapes, sizes and shades, this is not the Civil War era or 1960s Alabama. Yes, people are still idiots and hate others that don’t look like them for some moronic reason or another. But the United States has come along way and anyone who doesn’t see that either does want to or is themselves a true idiot.

But again, as I’ve mentioned, racism still exists. And I think we can all agree that racism in all forms is unacceptable, right? Whether it’s a white person acting upon stupid stereotypes when it comes to Black or Brown people or a vice versa, it’s wrong. Hating or denigrating someone for something as superficial as the color of their skin or the sound of their voice or the words they speak, is wrong. This most decent people can agree upon.

However, rapper, actor and television host Nick Cannon seems to believe that judging someone on the “lack of melanin” in their skin is perfectly acceptable. During a recent episode of his podcast, the former Mr. Mariah Carey actually said that those who have a lack of melanin in their skin are “a little less,” “closer to savages” and “true savages.”

This is actual racism, said loudly and proudly. The guy seems to actually delight in spewing such ignorance, hatred and stupidity. Judging someone solely by their skin, no matter the color is wrong.

I’m guessing that his career will suffer dramatically because his racist views. You know I’m only kidding.

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