Trump, administration try to diminish, discredit Dr. Fauci, experts

We’re currently less than four months away from the November 2020 election. President Donald Trump is completely and entirely aware of this fact.

However, Trump is also aware that cases of the coronavirus are surging in something like 30 states and as inconvenient as it may be for Trump and his administration, several of them are in red states.

Trump knows he needs Florida, Georgia, Texas and Arizona in order to win re-election. So, what do you do if you’re Trump and you’ve got doctors and epidemiologists tell you and saying something you don’t want to hear and information you believe could hurt your re-election chances? Well, you try to diminish and discredit the very people who specialize in such things.

Apparently, Donald Trump places more faith in what a former TV game show host has to say about the deadly pandemic than doctors and medical professionals. Seems like a truly idiotic messaging campaign, right? Well, if you’re a desperate president who sees your re-election chances slipping through your fingers, what do you really have to lose?

Besides being an incredibly desperate move from a position of weakness, it’s also incredibly stupid. I mean what does Trump and his administration believe they are gaining with this strategy? Trump’s cultish base already believes he’s the best thing since the Confederate flag, Mountain Dew Code Red and SPAM. They are already with him. Like everything else that could possibly make their orange idol look bad, the pandemic is “fake news.”

So, the question remains: How and why does Trump believe this strategy helps? Who is he possibly gaining? Absolutely no one.

Perhaps it has to do with people having more trust in Dr. Fauci than President Donald Trump. With someone as insecure, vain and image-obsessed as Trump, this is likely the case.

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