Chance the Rapper wants prison system abolished ‘as we know it,’ calls for Black reparations

This year has been nothing short of….exhausting. We’ve dealt with a pandemic for most of the year, we’ve had lock downs, nationwide protests and now we’re dealing with a resurgence of cases in the majority of the country’s states.

If that wasn’t enough for you, 2020 is a presidential election year. Both the Democratic and Republican National conventions are currently set for August in some form or another. Democrat Joe Biden will accept his party’s nomination and President Donald Trump will again accept the Republican nomination, as he sets out to get re-elected amid sagging poll numbers.

In any given year, there is never a shortage of political opinions on a variety of subjects but that is especially true in a presidential year. Celebrities, given their name recognition, seem to freely bestow their political opinions upon the masses. They arrogantly tell us who they are voting or why this particular person is wrong, bad or immoral and those who support that person are essentially racists and/or bigots.

On Monday, Chicago-based musician Chance the Rapper sent out a number of messages on political topics.

But with every subject and take he provided, none of them were as bad as this:

Abolish the prison system, seriously? I can get with prison and police reform, that I can understand. Nothing is perfect, including our policing and prison systems but to completely do away with prisons altogether?

This guy is from Chicago where multiple fatal shootings seem an everyday occurrence and he’s talking about doing away with the prison system.

Oh and he wants you and I, who never owned slaves, to hand money over to people who were never ever slaves. It’s hard to believe someone could fit so many bad ideas in one single tweet but Chance the Rapper managed to do it. Quite impressive, really.

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