Trump Jr., son of president, billionaire, self-publishing his book about privilege, has typo on cover

The left screams about people having white privilege, as yet another way to bring up and interject race into an issue. They tell us white people have a much easier life in America than minorities. As much as they talk about white privilege one would think being white would immediately result in a bachelor’s degree, a nice, cushy $100,000 a year job, a house in the suburbs, a country club membership and generous 401K and pension plan.

All me to let you in on a little secret: that’s not the case, at all. If that were the case, what about all of those poor white people? What about all of those white people living on welfare? The majority of people on welfare are white.

But there is a privilege that does exist in the United States but it’s not a racial privilege, it’s class. If you’re born into a family of means – whether white, black, orange, purple or blue – you’re naturally going to have advantages that others just will not. Money makes the world go round. And one of those families of means in America: the Trump family.

However, Donald Trump, Jr., the son of a billionaire and the President of the United States, is self-publishing his book about in which he is lecturing others about privilege, liberal privilege, that is.

The guy actually has the balls to write a book telling others about privilege. This guy was born with not a silver spoon but with a golden spoon in his mouth. Was there absolutely no one around to tell him that this was probably not the best subject to write or about or just like his father, does he surround himself with yes men?

However, what’s interesting about Trump Jr.’s above tweet about his book is what’s not included. He actually cuts off the majority of the book’s cover.

Why? Because it has a glaring and embarrassing typo.

Jr. has an issue with apostrophes, apparently.

Can you spot the error? Simply based on the cover, I can’t imagine the kind of knowledge contained in the pages of this book.

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