Police department in UK arrests 12-year-old for racist messages

In America, we have freedom of speech. It’s guaranteed in the First Amendment. We have the right to say, generally, what we want without retaliation from the government.

Now, some believe having free speech means they have free rein to say whatever we please without any consequence whatsoever. They couldn’t be more wrong. For instance, people will get upset and shout about losing free speech if a business or organization takes action against someone who says or does something offensive. They are private businesses, not the government. You say something dumb on social media and your place of employment finds out, you could be terminated. You still have free speech just not a job.

Anyway, freedom of speech is a highly valued thing in America, even if some get what it means wrong at times. In other countries, speech isn’t as free.

Across the pond, a police department in the United Kingdom announced the arrest of a 12-year-old for a racist social media message.

Now, I’m not saying racism is OK or that sending people hate-filled and racist messages is something to do. It’s not. Racism is abhorrent but arresting a preteen for posting hate-filled and ignorant messages is massive government overreach.

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