‘Law and order’ President Trump commutes convicted felon Roger Stone’s sentence

Throughout his time as president and while running for the office, President Donald Trump has described himself as “the law and order” candidate and president.

The President of the United States has continued using this title throughout his presidency and as recently as during the nationwide protests (after exiting the bunker) following the death of George Floyd.

Law and order is what this nation needs and he’s just the guy to bring it, Trump commonly tells us. Law and order, law and order, the guy says it so much that you almost expect “created by Dick Wolf” to flash across the screen while he’s speaking.

But on Friday, “law and order” Trump commuted the sentence of his buddy and political adviser Roger Stone. The 67-year-old was set to go to begin a 40-month prison sentence after he was convicted of seven charges by a grand jury which included lying to Congress and witness tampering.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence but the crimes for which Stone was convicted took place while Stone was working on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The optics of such a move are absolutely terrible. How does “the law and order” candidate and president explain commuting the sentence of his buddy? The White House certainly tried to defend the move, again blaming Robert Mueller and his team and by telling us what a wonderful guy Roger Stone is.

It looks an awful lot like Stone lied to protect Trump and then Trump returned the favor by keeping Stone from going to prison.

There’s a word for that kind of behavior and “law” and “order” isn’t it. Some people would commonly refer to those kind of dealings as “corruption.”

Let’s also remember that Stone isn’t the first person connected to Trump and his campaign to have been convicted of crimes. Dozens of people in and around the Trump campaign have either been convicted and sent to prison or awaiting sentencing.

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