Uh..OK? Lou Dobbs says ‘the Deep State extends to the Supreme Court, obviously’

So yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office can access President Trump’s tax and financial records. Accessing Trump’s business and financial records is part of the office’s investigation into hush money payments made to women who slept with Trump.

Additionally, the court denied Congress access to his financial records.

Naturally, Trump isn’t thrilled that the office will be able to get their hands on his records showing where, how and when he spent money. Just like clockwork, Trump let loose on Twitter Thursday and claimed “Prosecutorial Misconduct.”

Also, as expected, the Trump acolytes in the media are dismayed with the ruling as well. Lou Dobbs, being Trump’s ever faithful defender and servant, actually claimed that the United States Supreme Court is part of the “Deep State, obviously.”

What Dobbs forgets to mention about the “obviously” Deep State-infiltrated and conservative-leaning Supreme Court is that two of the justices that sit on the court were selected by Trump: Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Oh and both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh voted against Trump in this instance. So, if there is some kind of a deep state conspiracy that is dead set on getting Trump as Dobbs suggests, it would seem that Trump would be apart of it, right?

It will be interesting now to see if Trumpists, as a way to defend Trump whenever he says or does something truly idiotic, still say “but Gorsuch.” I’m willing to bet that won’t be the case.

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