VIDEO: De Blasio encourages people to avoid large gatherings, makes exception for BLM protests

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, for a couple of months, was actually running for President of the United States. Due to being an awful candidate and running a bad campaign, de Blasio was never able to gain any traction.

At the time of his presidential campaign, polls showed New Yorkers – the people who know de Blasio the best – didn’t event want him to occupy the Oval Office. Since dropping out of the race, de Blasio has primarily made the news for his head-scratching response to the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests. Even Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has called out de Blasio for his incompetence.

In his latest appearance on CNN, de Blasio made yet another incredibly stupid comment. The mayor of NYC, in talking with Wolf Blitzer talks about the need to avoid large gatherings for health and safety reasons. The mayor goes on to list several things like parties and parades that will only result in needlessly dangerous situations.

But like in most instances in which de Blasio speaks, things go bad rather quickly. Blitzer asks de Blasio about those gathering to protest, specifically the Black Lives Matter movement. De Blasio basically says that given the extraordinary situation, things should be different for them, they don’t necessarily have to follow the rules.

No one appreciates hypocrisy, especially from elected leaders who supposedly work for everyone.

As if de Blasio’s answer was bad enough, Blitzer’s follow up question may have been even worse. Instead of asking the logical question, pressing de Blasio about making an exception for a group because he obviously shares similar views as them, Blitzer asks about the U.S. Open.

I understand journalists have a set of questions as they go into an interview but how do you not ask that question?

This less than 1-minute exchange is pretty mind-blowing for a couple of reasons.

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