Moron: Woman refuses to wear mask in dental office, says she ‘consulted her lawyer’ before visit

People are straight up idiots. There really isn’t any other way in which to put it. The majority of the population is nothing more than a bunch of braindead, entitled loudmouthed morons who insist on immediate obedience to their every desire.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some people to show their true colors and it’s not pretty. Some governmental leaders across the country have instituted face mask mandates, asking people to wear face masks.

Some private businesses throughout the country are also asking their customers, patrons and patients to wear face masks. But unlike a government mandate, people don’t have to adhere to face mask requirements from private businesses. How can people refuse to comply with private businesses, you may be asking? Well, they can simply avoid that business.

I mean if you really did not agree with a business that was asking their customers to put on a face mask or have their temperatures taken before entering, wouldn’t you go elsewhere? That would be the easy, mature way to handle the situation but as we’ve seen a number of people just don’t posses that ability to act as an adult.

One woman entered a dental office and absolutely threw a fit about her dental office’s face mask requirements.

Even though she refuses to comply with the private business’ simple request, she still demands service. At one point during her idiotic rant, she claims that she has a “right to sue” the company and she knows this “because she talked to her lawyer” before her visit.

I know the saying is “the customer is always right” but idiots like this are most definitely in the wrong.

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