Math is hard: Trump has an issue with fractions

President Donald Trump knows the biggest words, the best words and if you aren’t convinced, just ask him. He’ll tell you, bigly!

While he professes to know the best words, I don’t think he ever said anything about knowing the best numbers or math, at all. And if his latest tweets Thursday morning are any indication, he doesn’t.

On Thursday, while complaining about the increase of coronavirus cases across the country, the President of the United States began his indignant remarks with “1/1000th time.”

I’m not sure how you tell someone about something .001 times but if anybody can, I’m sure Trump would be the guy.

Trump, of course, is upset with the recent surge in coronavirus cases across the country, not for any concern for the people who have contracted the virus but instead, it’s for a purely selfish reason. Trump is obviously worried that as the numbers cases increase, the chance of him winning reelection decreases.

Now, you’re probably thinking, sure anyone can screw up a fraction, it is math after all. But this wasn’t the only time the President of the United States messed up.

Back in January 2019, Trump went all dyslexic as he repeated a fraction over and over as his followers just ate it up.

This wouldn’t be an issue but this is coming from the guy who constantly belittles the intelligence of anyone and everyone who dares to question him on anything. And maybe someone should tell him that 1/1000th times!

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