Former NBA player Stephen Jackson defends NFL star DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic post

As I’ve said before, racism still exists and we’ll never, ever be able to eradicate it.

There will always be ignorant people who simply hate others for no other reason than they happen to have more pigment in their skin than someone else. Or they’ll hate an entire group of people for some other stupid, moronic reason. Hatred and ignorance will always exist as long as man walks the Earth.

For instance, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson recently posted an anti-semitic quote supposedly attributed to Adolph Hitler on Instagram.

Following Jackson’s post on the social media site, the Philadelphia Eagles put out a statement condemning Jackson’s post.

Even though Jackson apparently thought posting a quote that may be from a man who tried to exterminate the Jewish population, he still has one very loud, outspoken defender. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson came out in support, posting a video to social media. Of course, you’ll remember Stephen Jackson as the childhood friend of George Floyd who has been pretty vocal since the murder of his friend, calling out racism among police officers and departments across the country.

Stephen Jackson, in his mind, believes that NFL owners are the ones at fault in this situation and that DeSean is simply learning about who he is as a person.

You know you’re using some truly twisted logic whenever you’re going out of your way to defend someone who posted a quote from a mass murder.

Both Stephen Jackson and DeSean Jackson have the right to post and say whatever they want, that’s what America is all about. If you want to be an idiot, be an idiot. But if you’re going to step out and call others out for racist thoughts, words and actions, you better be willing to call out racism of all kinds and forms.

Anti-semitism is as equally despicable as Black people being discriminated against for the color of their skin.

We’re watching Stephen and your hypocrisy is showing.

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