Really? Halle Berry steps away from role after leftist outrage, apologizes

Do people on the left not know that acting is fake? I understand that is a pretty stupid question but it’s still one that needs to be asked, sadly.

But seriously, do they know that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth really aren’t superheroes? Or that zombies aren’t a real thing even though AMC made an entire show about them? They don’t really think Tom Hanks has AIDS, right? I know he played a character with the disease in “Philiadelphia” but surely they get that the actor doesn’t actually have it.

And again, I’m just proposing these seemingly moronic questions because the left again, well, did their thing and went all super, crazy woke.

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry recently posted a status on Twitter saying that she will no longer play a transgender person in a film because she is not a transgender person after getting “feedback.”

Berry goes on to say that she’s thankful for the “guidance and critical conversation.” Now, I wasn’t in on those conversations but I have a pretty good guess as to how they went. Basically, a couple of loud, super crazy leftists voiced their outrage and threatened to cancel her if she went through with the role.

It’s absolutely insane to think that an actress would have to “apologize” for even considering taking a role, which is kind of what actors do, isn’t it?

Again, how have we reached this point in society when someone, whose job is to literally act as other people, can’t do that anymore? Berry, being an actress, knows she’s not the characters she performs on the big screen but do those people on the left watching her get that?

I really hope people don’t think she’s actually a cat because she played one in that God awful Catwoman movie.

I’m beginning to think they may not.

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