Journalist Jason Whitlock shreds NFL: Failure of leadership, cowardice of men

Jason Whitlock, throughout his career, has ruffled feathers. He often goes against the grain and says what other people in his profession will not.

Recently, Whitlock appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to break down the National Football League bending over backwards to please the Black Lives Matter organization.

The NFL announced that they will begin Week 1 of the season by playing a black national anthem. This comes after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had previously said players will be allowed to take a knee during the national anthem.

Whitlock, in responding to a clip of former NFL player Marcellus Wiley shredding BLM, doesn’t hold back either. Much like Wiley, Whitlock said if the NFL follows through with their announced plans, that it could essentially be the end of the league.

He goes to say that the Black Lives Matters movement is nothing more than a political organization pushing a Marxist and Communist agenda.

The planned moves from the NFL are truly baffling, to say the least. Several years ago, when Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem, fans weren’t thrilled. The league’s ratings plunged and with it so did the revenue. Knowing how much the league values money, this sent owners and Commissioner Goodell scrambling to find a solution.

What do these owners think is going to happen when and if they allow this again? Fans are going to overlook the whole thing this time around? The only possible explanation for such tone deaf moves has to be that they believe public opinion has dramatically shifted in just a couple short years.

NEWS FLASH: If that is truly what NFL thinks, they are in for a rude awakening. Sure, most decent and honest people get more than a little riled up when they see George Floyd murder by a police officer. But most people aren’t going to go along with a purely leftist political organization looking to use the situation to institute and push their views and agenda.

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