Louis Farrakhan: I asked God to make Florida center of coronavirus pandemic

At a time in which information is more readily available and accessible than at any other time in human history, there still seems to be a ton of ignorance present today.

For instance, what do a good majority of people do if a news report or an article challenges a previously held idea or notion? They scream fake news and then as they misdirect their anger, proceed to try and denigrate that reporter or outlet. Instead of doing a little bit of research and coming up with facts and figures to try and bolster their argument, stupid, overused names and phrases are used.

But there are just some people you will never ever convince, no matter what you say or do, they will always support this position or this politician or this religious figure.

And when there is enough ignorance, it breeds fear and that fear eventually morphs into hatred.

One of those people who seems to be fueled by anger, hate and fear is Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan. For a religious guy, who one would think would try and bring people together, the man continues to push a message of hate and division. But I guess when you’ve done something for years and years, it becomes a habit,right?

To say the man hates Jews would be putting it rather lightly. How the man still has a following, I can’t understand.

On July 4, Farrakhan was captured on camera actually saying that he asked God to turn Florida into the epicenter of the coronavirus epdicemic.

He says he asked to Almighty to do this in order to show his followers that he is “the real deal” and because the good people of Florida stood in the way of a better relationship with the late Fidel Castro and Cuba.

This guy and his message is the epitome of hate, intolerance and evil. There truly is nothing good that comes out of this man’s mouth and for some reason this man still has an audience.

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