Former Trump Homeland Security advisor: We are in trouble

The virus will magically disappear, it will simply go away. That was the message President Trump gave in February of this year.

He went on to say that his administration had everything under control, said the press wasn’t giving his administration the credit they deserved and also praised China for their response to the virus.

The President of the United States, speaking to his followers at one of his rallies, also in February, said that when the weather warms up in April, because the virus can’t survive in warm weather, it will disappear.

Well, with it now being July and cases surging in Arizona, Texas, Florida and dozens of other states, I’d say Trump was way, way wrong on his prediction. This past Friday, July 3, the United States set a single-day record with more than 50,000 cases.

And again, just this past week, Trump said he still believed the virus will just magically go away.

On Sunday, Trump’s former Homeland Security advisor sent out a rather distribubing message, saying that “we are in trouble.”

But instead of talking about the virus and the number of cases, Trump and his ilk are concerned about…..statues. They are discussing the need to keep monuments up and how those on the far left, in the media and generally anyone else who doesn’t fully agree with President Trump, wants to destroy our history and our nation.

Now, I’m not for tearing down or even changing Mt. Rushmore. It’s a national monument and a beautiful, awe-inspiring memorial that deserves to be seen in person. Despite whatever faults those men, whose faces are carved into that mountain, may have had, they served and changed our nation for the better.

But Trump and his buddies, knowing that 2020 is an election year, are using it as a distraction in order reignite this “us vs them” mentality and to fire up his base.

Why? Because such thinking and rhetoric is what ushered him into the White House in 2016 and, if it worked then, Trump is going to try and do that same thing once again.

It’s also an attempt to take the attention away from Trump and his administration’s failure with COVID-19 and how the number of cases, despite the warm weather, are surging.

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