Trump still believes ‘the virus will disappear’

As I’ve said many, many times before working communications for either President Trump or candidate Trump would be an absolute nightmare. You truly have no idea what the man is going to say in either front of a camera or on Twitter from one minute to the next. And then you have to go out and try to put together some kind of reasoning for why he said what he said as you try to defend it.

Currently, the Trump administration is dealing with (kind of) the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States continues to lead the world in both cases and deaths at more than 2.6 million positive cases and more than 127,000 deaths.

Due in large part to leading the world in the number of cases, Americans aren’t even allowed into Europe.

And now a majority of the states in the country are either pausing rolling back restrictions or adding more restrictions to the recent surge in cases. Florida, Arizona and Texas aren’t having the best of time when it comes to the virus.

However, despite all of this, President Trump still believes that things are OK on the virus front. According to Trump, he still seems to believe the virus will just magically “disappear.”

On Wednesday, Trump spoke a Fox News reporter and made this claim.

Remember, Trump said something very similar right before the coronavirus really exploded in the United States earlier this year. The President of the United States, at the time, said only a handful of people had the virus, indicated he thought it simply just wouldn’t spread any further and then it would just magically disappear. Trump’s fantasy scenario didn’t exactly happen then.

He has to and will keep saying things like this trying to reassure people that he and his administration have any kind of a handle on the pandemic.

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