Jennifer Aniston encourages fans to ‘wear a damn mask’

If you’re planning to enter an establishment the requires the wearing of a face mask, you ought to abide by their rules. Or if you live in one of the several states where the number of COVID-19 cases are surging and the wearing of masks is encouraged and/or mandated, you also should follow along.

Listen, I get it, nobody wants anyone, especially the government, mandating behavior, right? Americans are particularly sensitive when it comes to things like this. This is certainly true during an election year when anything that nearly anything and everything is seen as an attack on President Trump by his supporters. But out of common courtesy and being a decent human being, how hard is it to slip on a face mask, honestly?

Or, if you don’t appreciate that an establishment is requesting that patrons or customers wear a mask, you can simply go somewhere else. Instead, though, there have been video after video posted on social media of people screaming about being forced to wear one.

Instead of listening to the health experts, several still refuse and believe Dr. Fauci is “a liar,” “an idiot,” “out to ruin Trump” or some other insane idea that is more in reaction to their love and devotion for President Trump than any actual, well, knowledge.

“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston is now encouraging people to wear a face mask as she posted a photo of her and wearing one on Instagram. Americans don’t want to listen to medical experts, who knows, maybe they’ll listen to the star of their favorite sitcom?

Maybe not, but I guess ya never know.

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