What? Politico reporter asks if Trump is glad south lost the Civil War

During his time in and running for office, President Donald Trump has said and tweeted out some truly dumb things. A lot of his administration’s problems are multiplied by what he either says or tweets about a particular issue or item in the news. And that is why working in his communications department in either his administration or campaign would be a tough, tough job.

Trump has even come up with brand new words. I mean, bigly and covfefe. But at least, they are the biggest, most beautiful and best words, right?

Well, likewise the press, during their time covering Trump and his administration, have asked some truly idiotic and moronic questions. But nothing, I mean nothing can and probably will top a question press secretary Kayleigh McEnany received during her press briefing Monday afternoon.

A reporter for Politico, Ryan Lizza, actually asked if “President Trump thought it was a good thing that the south lost the Civil War?”

Not only is that question beyond stupid but the fact that he actually had to think about it, process it and then said it makes it even worse. I understand there are gotcha questions intended to trip up members of the administration, trying to get them to say something stupid but who with more than two brain cells would say the President of the United States is disappointed that the Confederacy lost?

This kind of a question did nothing but waste her time, his time and made his look like a complete and total idiot. What did he truly expect to gain from such a question?

Because you have a mouth, that doesn’t mean you always have to speak. I wonder if he knows or understands that? Oh well, can’t imagine what he’ll ask the next time he’s called upon.

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