The Lincoln Project blasts Trump for inaction on Russia putting bounties on U.S. soldiers

On Friday, the New York Times broke a story about Russia placing bounties on the heads of US and UK soldiers in Afghanistan.

After that story came out, several other news organizations, including Trump’s much-beloved Fox News, came out with the story. Additionally, it was revealed that Trump was briefed on the matter back in the spring of this year and didn’t do anything.

Interestingly enough, this part of the White House learning of Russia’s bounty was in Fox’s story as well.

Since then, the Associated Press has also been able to confirm that, yes, Trump knew about the situation, having been briefed about the “matter earlier this year.”

Of course, Trump denies he was ever told about situation and as President of the United States, he’s pleading ignorance. But what is also interesting about this story is that while both the White House and Trump are denying the President of the United States wasn’t aware of Russian paying others to target U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, neither is saying the story is untrue.

Either way, this looks awful for Trump, his administration and for Republicans who continue to defend Trump despite every failure, blunder and idiotic tweet.

After learning of Trump’s inaction, the Lincoln Project put out a pretty devastating ad.

This isn’t a story that will go away anytime soon.

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