Kayleigh McEnany spins, pivots and punts when asked about Confederate flags at Trump rallies

For some reason, people still fly and wear clothing adorned with the Confederate flag. Perhaps they are fans of traitors, treason or just have an awful, tacky fashion sense. Who really knows, right?

But whatever the case may be, there are still a number of idiots…sorry people, who treasure the flag of the Confederacy as if it weren’t that of a bunch of losers. The Confederate flag has always been a controversial thing but its become even more of a hot-button issue as of late, mainly due to the nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer.

The Confederate flag has become so toxic that even the deep red southern state of Mississippi has voted to remove it from their state flag. Even more amazing, NASCAR, a “sport” with a very southern and conservative fanbase, has outlawed the flag at their events. But guess where you’re still likely to see the traitorous Stars and Bars? A Trump rally.

Trump administration press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked whether the Trump campaign would outlaw the Confederate flag at the president’s campaign rallies.

But instead of actually answering the question, McEnany says Trump respects monuments and what he’s done to protect monuments and this and that, and doesn’t answer the question. Then, after the reporter says he wasn’t asking about monuments, she states that’s really a question for his campaign.

Is is really that difficult to say that we’re not going to allow such a flag at our rallies? Yes, I understand that she works for his administration and not the campaign but c’mon. Or better yet, what about the President? Why wouldn’t he come out and say that racist symbol isn’t allowed at campaign related events?

Seems like a pretty easy thing to say and or do, right?

But Trump and no one on his campaign will say or do any such thing. Why? Well, because Trump needs those cousin-kissing Confederate flag wavers, whose only rationale for the flag seems to be “history” and “this is Trump’s America,” if he has any hope of winning re-election.

I mean, the state of Mississippi and NASCAR are willing to stand up and do something that the President of the United States and his campaign aren’t?

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