A bad, bad weekend for Trump

It’s not been a good weekend for President Trump.

First, it was reported by the New York Times and then by CNN and also by Fox News that Russian President Vladimir Putin put bounties on the heads of UK and US soldiers in Afghanistan. Then to make matters worse, several outlets, including Fox News, reported that Trump learned about this in March and did absolutely nothing about it.

In what has to be the worst rebuttal to a story ever, the White House denied that President Trump knew about the bounties, while never denying the actual story.

Trump, on Sunday morning, also denied knowing about the bounties placed by Putin on the U.S. soldiers.

And again, Trump never says the story isn’t true but that he was ignorant of it.

That’s just really hard to believe.

So, the White House and Trump want the American people to believe that the President of the United States was completely and entirely unaware of a foreign government offering the Taliban a bounty to kill United States soldiers? That’s what they really want they want us to believe? That’s either a complete and utter lie or the people in Trump’s administration are either incompetent for not getting something like that to Trump or they believe Trump is and want to keep him in the dark on issues they believe he’ll only screw up.

Well, that’s only the first part of Trump’s bad weekend. On Sunday, the President of the United States tweeted out a video in which a man wearing a Trump campaign t-shirt says “white power” several times and Trump describes them as “great people.”

And what is the White House’s defense? They say Trump didn’t hear that statement.

The guy in the video says “white power” within the first 10 seconds of the 2 minute video. The White House is either lying, Trump can’t hear or has the attention span of a gnat.

At this rate, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won’t even have to campaign to win the election. He just needs to keep allowing “Trump to be Trump” because Trump is giving Trump nothing but problems.

It will be interesting to watch what, if anything, Republicans will do about this Trump, Putin bounty thing and how Trump’s No. 1 cheerleader and fan, Sean Hannity, spins this complete and total mess in which Trump and his administration finds themselves into blame and the fault of Democrats and the Never Trumpers.

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