Mark Cuban: Biden wants to run a country, Trump just wants to run a campaign

President Donald Trump loves rallies. They’ve become a signature of his campaign and time in office. Although, given the poor attendance at Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, it will be interesting to see if the campaign makes any changes going forward.

Nevertheless, Trump enjoys going out on stage, talking off the cuff about whatever and often saying whatever to his followers as they yell and scream at the mere sight of their man, their guy. He’s not and the campaign isn’t likely to give up these type of events up, regardless of what form they may take.

But one thing is for sure, Trump loves campaigning. He constantly talks about his poll numbers and the 2016 campaign. Now, he’s saying that the 2020 campaign is going to be the “most corrupt election in history” as he said to a group of supporters in Phoenix this week.

On Tuesday evening on Fox News, Trump’s buddy and biggest and quite possibly loudest supporter Sean Hannity asked Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has the mental acuity and ability to run the country.

Cuban responds that of course Biden does, going on to say that unlike Trump, Biden actually wants to run a country. Cuban says all Trump wants to do is run a campaign.

Much like they did in 2016 with Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters and campaign surrogates are questioning whether the former vice president can mentally and physically handle being the job of president. They say Biden is losing his mind, that he has dementia or something else.

This is likely to be a line of attack they use throughout the duration of the campaign and it’s something that the Biden campaign will have to answer in order to put the issue of his mental state to rest.

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